The Zucchini CLI

Set the user configuration: what’s your name? etc. and reset if necessary. Run by default on first run.

zucc setup

Tap into a Git repo to be able to use configs from it using the tap name that you set:

zucc farm add <git-repo-url> <tap-name>
zucc farm remove <tap-name>
zucc farm recache <tap-name> # Equivalent to untapping tap-name and then
tapping its URL again as tap-name

List the assignments available for grading

zucc list [<tap-name>]

Update the taps

zucc update [<tap-name>]

Load submissions using a loader:

zucc load <loader-name> [<loader-parameters>]

# Example with the Sakai loader:
zucc load sakai

Start grading using a config found on one of the taps (this will automatically update the tap)

zucc grade <tap-name>/<assignment-name>

Export existing grading results using one of the exporters:

zucc export <exporter-name> [<exporter-parameters>]

# Example with the CSV exporter:
zucc export csv hw11.csv